Custom sizing

10.00 - 45.00


Add up to 50cm/19.5" to any belt! Add this listing to your cart, alongside the belt you want custom sized, and check both out together.

Choose the correct options from the dropdown menu (added length & belt type).
The selected increase will be added to the total length of the belt.
(Example: a belt design is 220cm long, and you purchase 10 additional cm. The finished belt will now be 230cm long)

All belts in the shop are modelled on a 73cm/28.5" waist.


- Custom sizing requests can not be made unless this listing is purchased as part of the order.
- This listing is invalid unless purchased alongside another product - I can't add length to your belt unless I know which one you want :)
- Custom sizing can only be applied to belts.
- Custom colour requests are not possible through this listing.

If this listing displays as 'sold out' I don't currently have the capacity to make custom sizing (usually around busy periods, like the holidays).