JOTUNN Belt/Necklace

69.00 - 76.00 Coming Soon


Fend off evil creatures with the JOTUNN belt/necklace - the steel troll cross will keep you safe! Now available in the original style, as well as a LITE version (see photos)

• Size & Materials •
Belt length: 220cm/86.6" total (each rope being 110cm/43.3" long)
Pendant size: 9cm/3.5" across

Model is 170cm/5'7" tall with a 73cm/28.7" waist

Handmade in Denmark from hand forged steel rune, and 100% recycled textile (95% cotton, 5% polyester)

Wear in multiple ways (see photos)

All CreationsByMagi items are 100% handmade by me - measurements may vary.

"In Norse mythology, a jotunn is a type of entity contrasted with gods and other figures, such as dwarfs and elves.
Although the term giant is sometimes used, jötnar are not necessarily notably large and may be described as exceedingly beautiful or as alarmingly grotesque."