AEGVIR Wall Hangers

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Bless your home with a modern interpretation of ancient rune magic ᛉᚠ

• Size & Materials •

- The three staves are connected with invisible, durable thread
- Light-weight, made from 100% recycled PLA
- Textured, wood-like surface
- Waterproof (do not hang permanently outdoors)

The largest rune stave is ~20cm diameter. Total length of the piece is ~ 48cm.

Comes with see through string threaded through the top rune for easy hanging. Can also be mounted with non permanent stick-on solutions directly onto the wall.


Ægishjalmur (The Helm of Awe or Helm of Terror) is an object in Norse mythology and subsequently the name of an Icelandic magical stave. The symbol used for the reference in the sagas came from the Huld manuscript written and collected in 1847.

Vegvisir ( wayfinder) is an Icelandic magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather. A leaf of the Huld manuscript provides an image of the vegvísir, gives its name, and, in prose, declares that "if this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known"